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WeedTrol has been helping people in Tucson rid their home of unwanted weeds that seem to never go away. 

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Helping Customers in Tucson for Over 50 Years

Spend more time enjoying your yard, and less time weeding it.


WeedTrol is Tucson's premier weed removal service. Removing weeds for the long run is not an easy thing to do, especially here in the desert. With our sporadic rains, nobody knows when the next weeding season is going to start. So keep your front and back yard in check by using WeedTrol.
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  • Monthly, Bi-Yearly, or Yearly Sprays
  • New Homes, Current Residences & Rental Properties
  • Businesses & Commercial Properties
  • Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks

Hear from loyal customers

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Eric Cee

My neighbor recommended Weed-Trol and I have not been disappointed with them. John and the staff are very professional and courteous. After the treatment, most weeds rake right up. Some of the old growth require a shoveling since the roots are so massive. I'm very happy with their service and recommend them!

Hear from loyal customers

Roger Moon

Awesome company! Very service oriented and friendly!! They get results. We wish all companies we deal with were this outstanding!

Hear from loyal customers

Mark S.

I never see these guys, but I know they come once a month because:

1. They leave a card on the door
2. Since we started using them I have not had to deal with pesky weeds.

This is HUGE for an allergy sufferer like me... plus not having to deal with weeds gives me more free time to do something really useful, like play with the dogs or watch the Food Network.

The one-time-first-spray fee and the more-than-reasonable monthly fee is some of the best money I have ever spent to not have to spend half a day in the Arizona sun hacking down or pulling weeds.

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